Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blogs & Backgrounds driving me Bonkers

After trying to crack this thing, for the last couple of hours, I'm going to settle for my pretty cool header. Sorry there's not more to look at but I've copied and pasted to my hearts content. Read numerous "blog help" blogs and still no amazingly adorable background. I am NOT accepting defeat, but definitely taking a break. "Back in the day" I used to spend hours on my Myspace copying and pasting code, so I could have the cutest profile. I've taken numerous computer classes in school, and a pretty challenging computer class in college, but as of right now I still have a plain Jane blog. Oh well. If you have any advice I'm all ears, because the rest of my body will be stuffing my face with some Lemon creme cake, and watching some more Army Wives.


  1. Go to shabby you can find some really cute blog backgrounds. Once you find one copy it then go to your dash board and click on design, then where it says add a gadget click on it and go to HTML/ Javascript . That is where you paste it. Then where it says template design you can cusomize your font and such.
    Sorry if it doesn't make any sense . i'm not very good at making sense Love ya

  2. yeah I was on shabbyblogs the whole time (hence the cute headline thingie lol) And I found one from there that I wanted really bad, I feel as though I've tried every option of copy and paste with the code. Oh and when I click on "add gadget" a little window pops up for me to chose a gadget or to enter a URL of one (neither of which are the background code lol). When I go to layout and click the HTML button (that doesn't say anything about javascript) I press edit and then proceed, I tried just adding the background code at the bottom, tried taking out the background gibberish already listed, tried adding the shabbyblog code in the middle of all of it, and after the "background:{ " already listed. None of it works :(

  3. I finally figured it out! (as you can tell lol) Thanks for being so patient with me :D