Thursday, January 19, 2012

Army, Oh My

Soooo, I have all faith that my Lord will provide for us. He has always shown us favor up to this point, I don't see why he would go changing things now. Being the human I am, and being flawed, I'm trying really hard to fight the urge not to worry- instead of just being completely worry-free. I have been calling the last 3 days to be put on the Fort Knox housing list. I've also left two voice mails with the lady in charge of said list. I planned on calling over half a year ago, but read somewhere online that you shouldn't call to be put on a Housing waiting list prior to three months of arrival. Any-who, I ask that prayers be sent that we get a house on base (for that makes life that much more convenient, meaning life is that much better). And if you have any advice on the matter- the more the merrier. Or if you live on post and are looking for a new friend I'll be there the beginning of March. Can't wait to meet you :)

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