Monday, January 23, 2012

Coffee Craving

Sorry it's been a couple of days.  This post is a little silly, but I just wanted to share a little perspective with you today. My husband and I commonly have "odd" conversations. A more recent one was about cravings. 
 Something you need to know about my husband is he is very laid back, I've only seen him kinda mad once in the 5 (and then some) years I've known him. I, on the other-hand, am very passionate about things. Perhaps it's the extra X chromosome, but for whatever the reason we humor each other with the differences. So, I deal with off the wall cravings (no I'm not pregnant, though I wouldn't be a bit upset if I were). My husbands take on this is relief that he doesn't have to go through an annoying, extreme feeling of desire and need towards something. I can understand this perspective, especially when the cravings are off the wall. Watermelon in January. Coffee at mid-night, but the moment is not right (thank you Train), anyway the point is it can be out-of-the-way and difficult achieve. 
I on the other hand am very thankful for these sometimes ridiculous urges. That cup of coffee I've been craving so badly for a couple of weeks, would have never tasted SO good if it hadn't been for the ongoing craving. That little ole' cup of coffee would just be a cup of coffee, so plain Jane. I'm thankful for everything God has equipped me with, even the "annoying" traits. Anyway that was my little rant. I hope you can see the good in something, perhaps less than desirable, in your life today.


  1. Would you Like to see my blog?? Well here it is!!

  2. Ahhh yes! Or that snickers bar I have been craving for weeks that I am about to bite into!