Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall has Arrived (Curtsey of Dollar Tree)

I've always imagined my house being a warm home that is decorated through the year in coordination with the current seasons and holidays. Well... I've kinda dropped the ball, with the exception of a very few paper decorations and hand soaps for the 4th of July, this is the first time I've made any sort of effort in creating my seasonal house. I still have more to do, but here's where I've started.

The pumpkin, and scarecrow are from Dollar Tree ($1 each of course) The new plant came from a dish-garden we received. My husband's grandmother Betty passed away this past September. Her funeral was on my birthday, the 7th. She was an extraordinary woman. We miss her a lot. 

The kitchen window as a whole. 

Again the two pumpkins are from D.T., the plant was another part of the dish-garden. 

I added some fall foliage to my preexisting arrangements. I put in some orange berry (?) stems and leaves, these were also from D.T. I just cut up the bunch. 

This cross was Betty's. We placed it above our front door. I love seeing it ever time I leave. 

The entry way. 

Close up.

One of the side tables in the living room. The new white flower pot was Betty's and the plants were part of the dish-garden that we separated. 

Other side table. 

T.V. console. 

I replaced three of the round clear votives with the festive leave ones, also from D.T. 

Arrangement on the coffee table, with added autumn foliage from D.T.

I added autumn leaves and berries to this arrangement as well, and moved my owl from the bookshelves so he could be showcased better. The owl is a oil burner from B&BW, it was a birthday present from last year. 

Wanted to show my new painting that I received for my birthday from my dear friend and neighbor Laura

Well that's all for now folks.

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