Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Post, Pictures, & Picnik

It's been a while, I know, I'm going to try my darnedest to be more persistent with this blog. The last little while I felt as though I had nothing worthy of the blogosphere. I always said, "I'll post something when something happens" but plenty has happened and I have a lot of catching up to do. First off, we're out of Arizona, we're back on the east side- and man did I miss the green. We are back home (of all places- but I'm not complaining) stationed at Fort Knox. We were blessed in receiving on-post housing. Given that we lived in a tiny hotel room in AZ, and our apartment before was paid by two broke college students/newlyweds, our current house is a DREAM. And even if our previous living circumstances weren't so crummy- this place would still exceed all my expectations, once again, very blessed. Oh and a BIG plus are the neighbors (more posts to come later- promise). Once again, my wonderful heavenly father was looking out for me. Since we didn't have the best of luck in AZ (probably the loneliest I have ever felt) I started sending up the prayer requests way in advance- months ago. Before we even knew where we were living. Anyway I was just gonna share with you some pics of the place. 

Go easy on my pics- I'm not a photographer, and I used my phone to take all of these (as if you couldn't figure that out yourselves lol). 
Also my first time using Picnik- and possibly my last since they're closing the site the 19th of this month (which I know TOO many people who are going to be crushed).
And we've only been here a couple of weeks, so there is still plenty I want to do - which I will also update you with. 

1. Ashley Furniture from a Furniture Liquidators store (very happy with the price- couch, love-seat, 3-piece matching tables all for $950-ish)
2./3. Small bookshelf- Better Home & Gardens line from Wal-Mart, I've learned that I really love their stuff. Plus I got a free year subscription to their magazine for everything we purchased from that line. So my mom, mother-in-law, & I will have stylin' houses and gardens throughout the next year.
4. Big bookshelves- BH&G. Love these. Oh, and a confidence boost since I [nearly] built them all by myself.
5. Entertainment center from Biglots- It's working out pretty well. I now have to figure out what to do with ALL the cords :/
6. Little dining area that's connected with the living room- all one big space. The table was also from the same Furniture Liquidators (brand new >$200)

1. In the far right, on top of the toaster oven is a solid white cow creamer I have always wanted. Got it on sale from Pier One for $2. So happy. It's the little things.
2. The left side of my kitchen from the front entrance.
3. My cousin gave me an oversized slightly tacky flower arrangement (since I love red) with a $1 vase and $1 bag of glass pebbles from the dollar tree, I whipped up a cute lil' arrangement for $2. This was my first one, I'm pretty happy with it. 
4. LOVE these Martha Stewart wall decals (Staples is where I got them, I do believe). I use the top for a meal planner and the bottom for a grocery list. I just snap a picture on my phone before I head to the grocery. 
5. Coffee/ espresso area- once again- very blessed :)
6. Adorable Paula Dean apron from K-Mart. Loved the colors. And toward the left is one of my favorite pictures "V-J Day in Times Squares". It's just printed on regular paper and put in a Dollar Tree frame. 

My mother for my 16th birthday was gracious enough to buy me this bedroom suite.  At the time all I could think about was how it wasn't a car- but now I'm much more grateful.

1. BH&G shelve from Wal-Mart (really racking up those subscriptions).
2. BH&G over the door hooks.
3. Monogrammed towels. A gift from my mom. I believe she got them at K-Mart. Also have matching wash-clothes (top left of pic.1) and hand-towels put away. 
4. BH&G shower shelf. LOVE this item. One of my favorite things we bought, out of the entire house.
6. Monogrammed shower curtain from Burkes for $4.

He got this ginormous U-shaped desk from Office Depot on a bundle sale. I believe he payed less than $250 for it brand new. We may leave it with the house once we leave because it is just so big lol.